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29 May - 2 June



KitaBina Maker Space

Subang Jaya


9am - 6pm

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A woodworking festival for everyone.

For teams, families, couples, or even friends – Pesta Bina is a great way to spend time together!

You could also just do it yourself, of course. We love woodworking by ourselves too. 

And we’ll guide you whenever you need help!

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Bookmark Stand

Specially chosen as a super simple project, suitable for children or adults with simpler capabilities.

(All components are precut. Only assembly and finishing required)



Perfect for surprising the wifey in bed with breakfast, or for your kids to organise their bits & bops / toys.


Headphone Stand

Elevate your desk organization with by making a home for your headphones or even headbands / watches!


Rehal (new!)

Prepare for fasting month, giving thanks and prayers with your handmade Quran / Bible holder! Also a blank canvas to do art / sticker customization for yourself / loved one.


Charcuterie Board

Impress your guests with this warm and stylish serving board. Customise your own shape


Plant Stand

Elevate your plant collection aesthetics with this handmade stand. Can be used indoors / sheltered outdoors (need to coat)


iPad Stand

Use your tablet ergonomically with this stand and save yourself from neck, back and arm pain!


Balance Board

Improve your muscle coordination and mindfulness with this balance board. Suitable for all ages!

(Holds up to 120kg)




A simple stool design for your minimalist life. Doubles up as a book stand, a plant stand or an anything stand!

(Secret code: fit two of them together and it becomes a more comfortable seat!)


Tiered Tray

Level up your tea parties in style with tiered tray. Can be used as a display rack for jewelries and small display items too!


Storage Bins

A great way to organize your kitchen top, work desk, or children's playroom. Possibly stackable (if you assemble it perfectly)


Learn some of the following tools & skills:

We are highly trained.

Come with peace of mind, and have a great time learning valuable skills while we guide you through the whole process. We have between 1 – 10 years experience in training and facilitating hands-on workshops

Your safety is constantly on our minds.

Learn valuable DIY skills.

Group Discounts Available too!
(use code upon checkout)

PESTA240GROUP - 5% off (min spend RM240)**

PESTA600GROUP - 10% off (min spend RM600)**

PESTA1200GROUP - 15% off (min spend RM1200)**

** T&C apply

Bring your child along!

Give your child the gift of learning useful life skills. Kids 5-9 years are allowed to enter and experience woodworking together with you!

Inspiration board

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