Bina Basics (Express) Woodworking Workshop

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6 Apr, 2024

7 Mar, 2024

16 Mar, 2024

21 Mar, 2024

11 Apr, 2024

20 Apr, 2024

25 Apr, 2024

4 May, 2024

9 May, 2024

18 May, 2024

23 May, 2024

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2:00 pm

2:00 pm

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A fun weekend activity: Learn the basics of woodworking and bring home a handmade beautiful piece of furniture!

Jom, learn how to DIY and build a new experience with a loved one! Nail that new years’ resolution!


Session Details:


Duration2-2.5 hours
PriceRM150 – RM280
ForTotal beginners
Skills learnedBasics of measuring, handsaw, assembly and finishing
What’s includedAll tools & materials, experienced trainer, light refreshments

The Bina Basics (Express) Woodworking Workshop is designed with some fun challenges while giving a total beginner a great time building furniture from scratch! Some items will be pre-cut to enable you to complete the projects in time! For a full experience, check out our 5-hour Bina Basics Woodworking Workshop here.


Every now and then, we add more designs to our collection so that you can find that perfect item to build and bring home!


Some inspiration photos:


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Event FAQs


Ample parking, just go to the dead end, 50 meters down and park along the hoarding fence (Note: it is a gated, guarded industrial area, pretty deep into the Subang Ultramine Industrial Park. Do not feel lost, just follow the google maps directions)


Anything comfortable is fine, as long as you are wearing shoes, wearing a mask at all times, have any long hair tied up and keep any dangling accessories away


Drinking water and a face towel, in case it gets hot in the workshop. As for tools etc, all relevant tools, equipment and PPE will be provided to complete your project to be brought home, so you do not need to bring any.

Important Note: As there are not enough tools and some tools are large tool stations, these tools will be shared, like drills and saw machines. As such, during the session please be mindful of personal hygiene and remember not to touch your face or personal devices. If you need to do so, please ensure that you wash your hands with soap thoroughly before doing so. Sharing tools are fine as long as each and every person ensures personal hygiene. On top of that, we will be providing working gloves if you require them.


Basic DIY skills to make a wooden stool (measuring, sawing, drilling, fastening, sanding, and finishing). The first part would be learning about tools and wood, and the second part would be getting fully hands on with your project


Wifi, toilet, drinking water

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