Junior Woodworker

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5 March, 2024

7 May, 2024

2 July, 2024

3 September, 2024

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10:00 am

10:00 am

10:00 am

10:00 am

Looking for your child to get off their screens and learn valuable life skills? Through this class for kids 7-12yo, we want to help ignite your child’s imagination and build their self-confidence. Our instructor will guide your child through the basics of woodworking while giving them an avenue to express themselves physically, emotionally, and to explore the exciting world of working with your hands to build anything.


➡️ *BROKEN DOWN INTO 3 TERMS* (minimum commitment is first term = Term 1):
1️⃣ TERM 1: Junior Woodworker Basic (8 weeks) – basics of measuring, hammering, manual drilling, sawing & assembly
2️⃣ TERM 2: Junior Woodworker Intermediate (8 weeks) – syllabus will be released soon!
3️⃣ TERM 3: Junior Woodworker Advanced (8 weeks) – syllabus will be released soon!


‣ AGE RANGE: 7 – 12 years old
‣ PROGRAM DURATION: 2 months (4 weeks/month, if the month has 5 weeks, 5th week will be off)
‣ SESSION DURATION: 1.5 hours per session / week
‣ AVAILABLE TIME SLOTS: Kindly whatsapp us at wa.me/601113391430
‣ FEES: RM640/term (8 weeks) _(Discount available for group bookings)_


✅ Develop patience, focus and emotional regulation through practicing with their hands
✅ Build self-confidence when able to complete tasks independently
✅ Independence & Interdependence (doing self, vs asking for assistance)
✅ Technical basic woodworking skills
✅ Creativity (choosing wood pieces, drawing/painting on designs on the project)
✅ As they progress through the weekly sessions, they will learn to use more tools, and will be able to slowly build slightly bigger projects

➡️ *FAQs:*
✔️ All PPE, materials and tools will be provided
✔️ Instructor : student ratio will be 1:5
✔️ Our instructors are first-aid trained
✔️ Upfront payment of first session/first month required
✔️ If not able to attend a session due to unavailability, can attend other slot within the same week, depending on availability. please inform earlier
✔️ No additional registration fee or deposit required
✔️ Fees for each term must be paid in full in order to secure your child’s slot
✔️ For group discount (3 students and above), fees must be paid by 1 person
✔️ Bank-in to MODLE SOLUTIONS PLT (Maybank 564191585746) and send the slip via whatsapp
✔️ Waiting area at KitaBina is currently under refurbishment, so guardians can head to nearby McD / Da Men mall / mamak shops

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